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A Day Full of Fail

I did not wake up bright and early. I was still confounded that my two thousand dollar investment was putting out Pollack in Plastic parts.
I did what any reasonable person does after along night of troubleshooting without success.

I ran the build again, this time with the frameless photo holders. I hoped that a good nights sleep had done the machine better than it had done me. Or perhaps the threat of being unplugged all night may have persuaded it to behave. Alas, such anthropomorphism escaped the machine.

It was still outputting string garbage.

I put in a support request to MakerBot with this picture titled "x-axis_heartbreak.jpg" and went about my day.

Hours later I received an email reply, recommending I tighten the x-axis set screws. Great! What are those?!

It turns out those are the tiny screws that hold the pully winder to the stepper motor! And they are freaking TINY. And one was loose. Hurray! I think.

After putting everything back together, I tried again. This print failed spectacularly because I forgot to plug the x-axis motor back into power. Oops. More for the plastic rats nest.

The second attempt was better, another frameless photo holder that only seemed a little off. Okay, better than the horro show. I ran another mustache and monocle on a stick. This one turned out, eh, okay, but it was still not great. The build platform was off.

So I spent TWO HOURS leveling the build platform. Remember when they tell you to read the instructions and follow them precisly? They are serious. Oh my god, that is frustrating. I started just running the level script over and over, and each time the extruders were WAY OFF. I kept forgetting the first part about tightening down the build plate screws all the way before beginning and then also about twisting both assigned screws at the same time. Time after time the build area wasn't level. Even after rememebering those steps, it took three tries.

Finally, it looked good and finally I was back making Mustache and Monocles on a Stick.

Life is good again.

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2012

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