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Building More Things...

Our fun and learning with the Replicator continues. With several successful builds under our belt we branched out and tried a few different designs that were fun and practical.

First up, don't you hate when you're putting that bookcase together for the billionth time and you come up short on those plastic pegs that hold the shelves up?
Sure, you can buy a bag of these, but do you really need 10?
Now I can print them as needed.

Okay, that's not really impressive, but darn useful.

What about this? It's a frameless photo holder, and there is a version you can put a US quarter in to weigh it down. You can modify the design to accomodate any coin or slug. I plan to send these along with family pictures as an added bonus.

(In case your wondering, the bumber sticker in the action shot is the radio edit version of the unofficial slogan for Ohio Capital Prudence LTD. There is a story there. Maybe one day I'll tell it.)

Next on our list of useful and cool.

It's a Soda Saver lid, for the new skinny top soda cans. (Or Pop, or Soda Pop, or Coke, depending on where you grew up.) I'm comfortable admitting that when I used this for the first time, it made me giggle. Here is an action shot.

After a day of practice and play, I had a pretty good haul from my table top factory.

I also had a pretty goood rats nest of plastic string and failure.

Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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